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How long does the tint last?

The tint usually lasts between 1-3 weeks. The tint colour would last longer on the brow hair and fades faster on the skin. The tint result varies between different skin types, brow colours and skincare routine. The lighter brow hair the better the tint holds on the hair itself usually. Darker the hair the less of a difference it made on the brow hair in the first place. The tint also stains the skin underneath too and gives a fuller look. The tint on the skin usually lasts from a few days up to 2 weeks. The dryer the skin the better it holds, and the oily skin type usually can’t hold the tint on the skin very well.

How often should I get my brows done?

4-6 weeks is the most common period for most of our regular clients. Although the gaps between appointments vary from client to client, as each person's brow hair growth is at a different speed and the tint also last differently as well. We can start with every 4 or 5 weeks, then from there we can figure out if you need to come in sooner or having longer gaps between appointments.

When should I stop tweezing before I come in?

We would recommend leaving your brows completely untouched for at least 3-4 weeks. This means your brows could look very messy for a wee while, but trust us it's worth with the clean finish and it's better for promoting brow hair growth cycle to sync. The more hair you leave with us, the more we have to work with for finding the optimal brow shape for you and to even both sides out for a more symmetrical look.

Is this semi-permenant eyebrow tattoo?

No, this is not! We only use a standard lash tint for the service, it is not any form of microblading / ombre brows / semi-permanent tattoos.

Can I get a wax if I have really sensitive skin?

Most of our clients who have sensitive skin can still get waxed. Please be prepared that your skin might stay red longer than other clients and we would suggest to not apply makeup to the skin immediately and let it cool off naturally. There are some people have a minor allergic reaction to the wax which we would find out if that happens. In that case, we will be switching to a TWEEZE ONLY service instead of waxing for all future appointments.

Can I get a wax if I'm using Retinol or on Accutane?

We can't wax your skin if you're on Retinol or other acne treatment products. We will carry out a tweeze only service to remove the hair. If you still want a cleaner finish with waxing, we would recommend stopping using these products for at least 7 days prior to your waxing appointment.


How long does LVL Lash last?

The result lasts 6-10 weeks, depending on your natural lash cycle. Your lashes don't just 'drop' the curl towards the later weeks. The lifted lashes shed at its natural speed and the new lashes that have just grown out are not lifted. Therefore you end up seeing the curls 'disappear' once the fresh lashes take over the number the lifted lashes. Most of our return clients still have a lot of curls left after revisiting in 8 weeks.

Is there any aftercare required for LVL Lash?

You will get given an aftercare sheet for more details. The main thing to avoid in the first 48 hours is no direct water, no sauna, steam or swim, plus no mascara. After 48 hours, you can enjoy all the water activities and you're able to wear a regular mascara (no waterproof mascara). There is minimal to no maintenance until you need to get them done again in 8+ weeks.

How does LVL Lash work?

We match a shield size to your natural lashes depending on its length and your eye shape. We lift your lashes against the shield and set them in place with a lifting balm and a setting balm. Then we tint these lifted lashes to really make them POP!

What's the difference between LVL Lash Lift to other brands' lash lifts?

LVL is created by Nouveau Lashes from the UK. It is one of the highest quality lash lifting/perming products in the market. All the solutions used for the service are all single-use products in little capsules, which means it has the absolute optimal hygiene and freshness of the product (no chance of oxidizing or cross contamination). LVL product cost is a lot more pricey than other smaller less well-known brands in the market. We only use the BEST for our customers and making sure the highest quality is achieved for our customers.

Can I wear mascara after the lash lift?

Yes, you can wear mascara after 48 hours. Please avoid waterproof mascaras and go for a regular non-waterproof one. Oil in the waterproof mascara and any waterproof makeup remover will affect the curls in your lashes.

Is the process uncomfortable at all?

Most people don't have discomforts during the service. It is indeed a very relaxing treatment. You will have your eyes closed during the entire treatment. We will be mainly touching the lashes on top of the shield we applied at the start therefore you can't really feel it. Feel free to use your time with eyes closed for a power nap.

Can I wear mascara before the lash lift?

Please stop wearing waterproof mascara since the day before the treatment. And do not wear any type of mascara on the day of the treatment. If you come in with mascara on, there is a huge chance that the leftover of the mascara after we cleanse your lashes, will still affect the treatment result. The mascara resedue would create a barrier and makes the LVL lotions not penetrating the lashes as well as it should.